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Your Emotional Type
Friends and family are the most important people in your life. You're good about keeping track of birthdays, people appreciate that you care about them.

Your Intellectual Type
You have a naturally curious mind. If there's something new that you want to learn, you're not afraid to ask questions or investigate on your own.

Your Physical Type
Sunny days are not lost on you. If you get the chance, you hit the beach or the mountains to enjoy the fresh air.

Your Passion Type

You're a free spirit

Key Traits: romantic, dreamer, fickle, communicative, eager, fun, sprightly You're a free and creative spirit. Some people might call you a non-conformist, but you'd like to think of yourself as one who sees beauty where others might miss it. You are inspired and feel passionate about the little things -- the way the sun beams through a window, a memorable guitar riff, a sparkle in someone's eye. Face it. You're a romantic, and even a bit on the wild side when it comes to sex. Your friends and family enjoy your company and value the way you view the world through your own kaleidoscope. People love how imaginative and expressive you are. On the flip side, it takes a lot to keep your attention. But when you encounter someone who can pique your interest and complement your creative disposition, it will be rewarding and powerful!

Your Player Type

The Dynamo

You are stubborn and persistent; which can be a strength and a weakness. Once your mind is made up, it's almost impossible to sway you. Dynamos never quit, regardless how the odds stack up against them. As a result, you may often be faced with situations where you "just can't win" and recognizing these can help you dramatically. Smart Dynamos win because they are willing to play till the end, but step out when the tables turn against their favor.